Bro. Colin T. Wyse - 70 Years a Mason

At the age of 88 years Past Master Bro. Colin Terris Wyse, Past Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire, has been presented with a Platinum Diploma and Jewel to mark his 70 years as a Mason.


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Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. Presented with 70 Year Diploma & Jewel

colin t wyse russ mckendrick

70 Years & Still Going Strong (12 November 2018)
Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M.with Grand Lodge & provincial Grand Lodges


Presentation by Bro. R. Russell McKendrick - RWM Lodge St Servanus No. 771

Brother Colin, it is my honour, on behalf of the lodge, to present to you this evening a platinum diploma commemorating you having been initiated into Lodge St Servanus 70 years ago on 1st November 1948.

There are brethren in attendance this evening from The Grand Lodge of Scotland, The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire, sister Provincial Grand Lodges and lodges from within and without Stirlingshire – it is a tangible token of the esteem in which you are held in by these brethren.

You are, arguably, the most pre-eminent practicing freemason in the province - only Bro. Mossman at Sunnyside Cemetery is bigger­ he's a monumental mason!

I know I speak for all of the brethren of St Servanus when I say that we are genuinely privileged to have been with you at some point in your long and distinguished career.

We rely on you for advice on all matters masonic and you have the canny knack of defusing heated arguments - except the ones that involve the heating!

As elder statesman of the lodge, you ensure that the ritual, our traditions and standards are maintained and upheld – as you say ‘in due and ancient form’.

Who would have thought that you would have survived in Provincial from as long ago as 1968? All that time with only half a brain as the academy pointed out to you at their annual award.

And how far you've risen since your days as Provincial Grand Master can be measured by the number of chauffer staff you have today.

You have, for 70 years, been a tireless worker for this lodge - among the many things you did for 771, the metal staircase which leads as a fire escape from the lodge room is still there for all to see - you and Bob Wilson did a job to be proud of there.

It's a pity you didn't make the internal stairs that lead from the middle hall to the social club - if you had, perhaps Bro. Alistair Marshall, Worshipful Provincial Grand Master might not have fallen down them!

Joking aside Colin, you are still a very active freemason today and are still producing ritual work of the highest calibre when called upon to do so - and might I add at the grand age of 88.

You have installed on over 50 occasions in 5 different provinces.

You have accepted honorary membership from 14 lodges in the province and two outside, those of Lodge St John Carluke and Auld Thirteen Torphichen.

You were first installed into the chair of this your Mother Lodge back in December 1965, your installing masters being James M. Bennett and John Pearson, both Past masters of Lodge St John Carluke No. 187. They were also accompanied by Past Master John McLean who played the pipes on the day. You achieved much during your term as Master including the recommencement of the Annual Burns Supper, an event that continues to this day.

Then in 2014, forty-nine years after having been installed as Master for the first time and at the age of 84 years, you accepted the challenge of being installed as Master for the Lodge’s 125th anniversary year, your installing masters being Bros Tom Paterson, myself and the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Andrew A. McKinnon.

This was an onerous task for someone of your age whose hearing and sight are not what they were and you did find it a more difficult task second time around.

Despite these difficulties as always you worked hard during your second term and to everyone’s delight occupied the chair for our centenary meeting and dinner, an event that was enjoyed by all.

Any aspiring young mason would do well to study your work ethic and commitment Colin - it is surely work worthy of reward.

And so it is with immense honour and pride that I now present to you this diploma marking your 70 years as a freemason and member of Lodge St Servanus.

Whilst it is not entirely unique in freemasonry in general - it is totally unique in Lodge St Servanus, and on behalf of myself as Right Worshipful Master, the Past Masters’, Office-bearers’ and brethren of this our Mother Lodge, I present to you this token of our esteem and wish you continued good health and prosperity and pray that the most high still has plans for you here in Alva and the Province for many years to come.

RWM Bro. Russell McKendrick & Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M.

colin t wyse russ mckendrick

70-Year (Platinum) Diploma


Platinum Jewel Presentation by Past Substitute Grand Master Bro. George R. Kelly

Brother Colin, it is my privilege and honour, on behalf of the Grand Master Mason, to present to you this evening this 70-year jewel commemorating your initiation on 1st November 1948.

This is only the second jewel of its kind and is engraved on the reverse with your name and the number 002.

The first jewel numbering 001 was presented last month to Past Grand Master Mason Bro. The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine who, as Lord Bruce, was also initiated into freemasonry in 1948.

I recall when we first met a good number of years ago when I was Provincial Grand Secretary and you were I believe Depute Provincial Grand Master - apart from your commitment to the craft and the many qualities you clearly have, if there was one attribute I quickly realized you had it was the knack of being able to say the right thing at the right time – this is not a simple gift to possess and you have dealt with many awkward situations and defused difficult ones with grace, with compassion and with dignity.

It gives me great pleasure to pin this jewel on your breast and with it goes the best wishes of the Grand Master Mason and the Grand Lodge of Scotland – Colin, many congratulations and may the Great Architect spare you for many years to come.


70-Year (Platinum) Grand Lodge Jewel


Presentation Gift by Provincial Grand Master Bro. Alistair T. Marshall

Brother Colin, on behalf of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire I thank you for the service given to Provincial Grand Lodge since you were elected to the office of Provincial Grand Standard-bearer 50 years ago this year.

On that occasion another three of your colleagues were also elected out of the nine nominations, these being Bros. Robert Hutchison, John McLeod Sneddon and Neil McKay Manson. Of these four three of you were of course to ultimately reach the high office of Provincial Grand Master and Bro. Neil that of Senior Provincial Grand Warden.

Since then your support to Provincial Grand Lodge has been steadfast and we congratulate you on achieving your platinum diploma and jewel this evening.

Earlier this year of course you were presented with a 50-year diploma in recognition of your contribution to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire and as the diploma and jewel this evening has been presented to you by your Mother Lodge and Grand Lodge respectively it was felt fitting that Provincial Grand Lodge should present you with this special bottle of whisky.

Two hundred and seventy-five bottles have been commissioned by Provincial Grand Lodge to mark our 275th anniversary in 2020 and have been numbered from one through to two hundred and seventy-five and it was agreed that you, as our number one, should receive the very first bottle which of course is number one of these two hundred and seventy-five.

Congratulations Colin and we look forward to your continued attendance at Provincial Grand Lodge.

colin t wyse russ mckendrick

Colin with Past Substitute Grand Master Bro. George Kelly and
Provincial Grand Master Bro. Alistair T. Marshall


Response by Past Master Bro. Colin Terris Wyse

Bro. Colin expressed his thanks to Past Substitute Grand Master Bro. George Kelly for the presentation of the Grand Lodge platinum jewel, Right Worshipful Master Russell McKendrick for the presentation of the platinum diploma and Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Alistair T. Marshall for the bottle of whisky.

He recalled his early days in masonry and the fact that owing to a combination of night school three evenings a week and service in the Royal Air Force from 1951 to 1954 it had not been possible for him to become actively involved in office during those five years.

All that changed however when he was de-mobbed from the RAF and was installed into his first office as Junior Steward in 1954 when Bro. David Nicol was installed as master.

Progression through the offices culminated in Colin being installed as RWM in December 1965, his installing masters being Past Masters Bros. James M. Bennett and John Pearson of Lodge St John Carluke No. 187. They were also accompanied that day by Past Master John McLean who played the pipes.

He recalled many happy memories of that year as master of Lodge St Servanus with numerous visitations to sister lodges both within and without the province as well as the many social events, annual balls and divine services.

In 1968 the late Past Master Bro. Bob Wilson encouraged Colin to stand for election in Provincial Grand when there were nine nominees. As previously mentioned by the PGM three of the brethren elected that evening were Bobby Hutchison, John McLeod Sneddon and Colin himself who all progressed to become PGM of the province. The fourth brother, Neil McKay Manson from the Lodge of Alloa, progressed to the highest elective office, that of Senior Provincial Grand Warden.

Colin was installed as Provincial Grand Master by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason Bro. Sir Gregor MacGregor of MacGregor in May 1990 here in Lodge St Servanus on what turned out to be an excellent occasion enjoyed by all the brethren in attendance.

He recalled that his period as PGM contained many highlights including numerous installations, re-dedications, divine services and annual dances and expressed his thanks and appreciation for the consideration and kindnesses bestowed upon him by so many people.

His term as PGM was book-ended by two historic events that took place here in Lodge St Servanus.

The first was only two weeks after being installed as PGM when Colin was privileged to lead a deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge into this, his mother lodge, to commemorate the centenary year of Lodge St Servanus.

The re-dedication ceremonial was conducted by The Grand Lodge of Scotland headed by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason Bro. Sir Gregor MacGregor of MacGregor.

The latter was the re-dedication ceremonial to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire shortly before his term as PGM came to an end. The re-dedication ceremonial was conducted by The Grand Lodge of Scotland headed by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason Bro. Lord Burton, a gentleman whose company Colin enjoyed on many occasions.

He recalled one occasion during the celebrations in Carluke to mark the bi-centenary of Lodge St John No. 187 when Lord Burton had a light-hearted word with him regarding breaking ranks and cuddling the ladies of the town!

Colin’s association with Lodge St John extends the full 70 years of his masonic career during which time he has developed many close friendships not just with the brethren of 187 but also their families.

And so it was that after the re-dedication ceremony the brethren marched in full regalia from the Lodge to the local community hall where the celebratory diner was to be held.

The streets along the route were busy with well-wishers including the families of many of the lodge members and on two or three occasions Colin heard his name being called out by some of the wives – as a result he broke ranks to say hello and give the ladies a cuddle.

When jokingly pulled up afterwards by Lord Burton Colin laughed and said it would have been a bigger problem if any of the weans had shouted out dad!

He also recalled the occasion when he was elevated to the ranks of nobility during an installation he attended in London.

On this occasion, as a Past Provincial Grand Master, he was the highest ranking mason in attendance.

The Director of Ceremonies however introduced him as The Honourable Bro. Colin T. Wyse resulting in him receiving Grand Honours from the brethren in attendance.

For those unfamiliar with English Freemasonry brethren are afforded a welcome whereby the members raise their arms above their heads and salute visitors by clapping their hands together three, five or seven times determined by rank – the Right Honourable Colin received the full seven!

When his term as PGM ended he was delighted to be elected onto the Board of Benevolence at Grand Lodge and sat on this committee for several years. He was extremely proud to have served on this committee and was able to witness first-hand the caring side and generosity of freemasonry being extended to those in need.

Having assumed his active career in freemasonry was complete Colin was taken by surprise when the lodge asked him to consider once again assuming chair of the lodge during our 125th anniversary year.

His heart said yes whilst his head, taking into account his failing eyesight and hearing, said no – the heart won out and Colin was installed for the second time as master of Lodge St Servanus in December 2015.

He was an extremely proud man when, assisted by his past masters and office-bearers, he led the Lodge into its 125th anniversary year the highlight of which was the re-dedication ceremony conducted by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire headed by the RWPGM Bro. Andrew A. McKinnon in February 2015.

He expressed his appreciation of the many friends and colleagues who had attended this evening, a few of whom received a mention during his reply.

One particular mention was that of Bro. Jim Hilditch, Past Provincial Grand Master of Linlithgowshire, who served as PGM at the same time as Colin and with whom he had developed a very close and long lasting friendship.

Jim had delivered a memorable toast to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire during our 250th celebrations back in 1995 using water and the manner in which it links the province as his theme.

He asked Bro. Kelly to pass on his best wishes to the recipient of Grand Lodge Platinum Jewel No 1 the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine (Lord Bruce) and to remind him that Colin had witnessed his installation as master of his mother lodge all those years ago.

In conclusion Colin said that over the seventy as a member of Lodge St Servanus he had always been supportive of the lodge and the master and encouraged all members to do likewise – it was a humble final comment from a man who had reached the pinnacle of freemasonry in Stirlingshire!



ccolin wyse with pgm
Bro. Colin Terris Wyse
Right Worshipful Master 1965-1966
Bro. Colin Terris Wyse P.M.
Right Worshipful Master 2014-2015


Colin T Wyse PGM 1990-95

Bro. Colin Terris Wyse P.M. Lodge St Servanus
Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master 1990-1995





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