Bro. Colin T. Wyse - 65 Years a Mason

At the age of 83 years Past Master Bro. Colin Terris Wyse, Past Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire, has been presented with a Diploma to mark his 65 years as a Mason.


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Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. Presented with 65 Year Diploma

colin t wyse russ mckendrick

65 Years & Still Going Strong (21 October 2013)

Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M.& Bro. R. Russell McKendrick P.M.


Presentation by Bro. R. Russell McKendrick - P.M. Lodge St Servanus No. 771

Brother Colin, it was some 5 years ago that the then Right Worshipful Master Bro. Craig D. O'Connor presented you with a diploma to mark your 60 years as a freemason.

On that occasion he eloquently documented your career to that point, noting your rise to eminence through the offices and to the chair of both your Mother Lodge and that of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire. It is not my intention to go over your career again tonight Colin.

Suffice it to state that the ensuing five years have seen your stock as a highly regarded, elder statesman and much loved and trusted brother, rocket sky-high! The number in attendance tonight is a tangible token of the esteem you are held in by these brethren.

You are, arguably, the most pre-eminent practicing freemason in the province - only Bro. Mossman at Sunnyside Cemetery is bigger­ - apparently he's a monumental mason!

I speak for all of the brethren of St Servanus when I say that we are genuinely privileged to have been with you at some point in your long and distinguished career. We rely on you for advice on all matters masonic and you have the canny knack of defusing heated arguments - except the ones that involve the heating!

As elder statesman of the Lodge, you ensure that ritual, tradition and standards are maintained- as you continually tell the Provincial Grand Junior Deacon Bro. Ian Macdonald - "in due and ancient form".

Who would have thought that you would have survived in Provincial from as long ago as 1968? All that time with only half a brain- as the academy pointed out to you at their annual award!

And how far you've risen since your days as Provincial Grand Master can be measured by the number of chauffer staff you have today. The late Past Master Bro. Ron Foster was your sole driver when you were Provincial Grand Master.

But now you have three to call on - either Willie Smith or Davie Fyfe are there to take you to and from 771 meetings whilst Alan Leishman takes you to and from Provincial Grand Lodge meetings.

You have, for 65 years, been a tireless worker for this Lodge - among the many things you did for 771, the metal staircase which leads as a fire escape from the lodge room is still there for all to see - you and Bob Wilson did a job to be proud of there.

It's a pity you didn't make the internal stairs that lead from the middle hall to the social club - if you had, perhaps Bro. Alistair Marshall, Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Depute, might not have fallen down them!

Joking aside Colin, you are still a very active freemason today and are still producing ritual work of the highest calibre as anyone attending last years installation of Bro. Robert Anderson at Lodge Buchanan Killearn 1419 will testify to - and might I add at the grand age of 82.

You have installed on over fifty occasions in five different provinces. You have accepted honorary membership from thirteen lodges in the province and one outside, that of Lodge St John Carluke.

Only last week when the lodge worked a Third Degree at St John Carluke you delivered an excellent final charge. Any aspiring young mason would do well to study your work Colin - it is surely work worthy of reward.

And so it is with immense honour and pride that I now present to you this diploma marking your 65 years as a freemason.

Whilst it is not entirely unique in freemasonry in general - it is totally unique in Lodge St Servanus, and on behalf of the Right Worshipful Master, Past Masters’, Office-bearers' and brethren of this our Mother Lodge, I present to you this token of our esteem and wish you continued good health and prosperity and pray that the Most High still has plans for you here in Alva and the Province for many, many years to come.

Bro. Colin replied in a most capable manner expressing his appreciation and gratitude to all in attendance and to all of his colleagues past and present in Lodge St Servanus, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire, sister Lodges and Provincial Grand Lodges. In particular he thanked his late wife May for all of the support, assistance and encouragement she had provided to him throughout their life together.

Bro. Andrew A. McKinnon, R.W.P.G.M. was then invited to accept Honorary Membership of Lodge St Servanus No. 771 and was thereafter obligated as such by Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. - a most fitting end to a very special meeting.

colin t wyse russ gordon

Bro. Gordon Guthrie P.M., Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M.& Bro. R. Russell McKendrick P.M.

colin t wyse and past pgms

Bro. Gordon Guthrie P.M. 771
Bro. John McKenzie Immediate Past R.W.P.G.M.
Bro. Andrew A. McKinnon R.W.P.G.M.
Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M.
Bro. Alexander Whitehead Past R.W.P.G.M.
Bro. W. James Hilditch Past R.W.P.G.M. (Linlithgowshire)

ccolin wyse with pgm
Bro. Andrew A. McKinnon R.W.P.G.M. and Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. with their Diplomas
Bro. Andrew A. McKinnon R.W.P.G.M. receives his Honorary Membership Diploma from Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M.


Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. - 50 Year Presentation

Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. - 60 Year Presentation

Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. - Lodge Buchanan Killearn Installation





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