Bro. Colin T. Wyse - 60 Years a Mason

At the age of 78 years Past Master Bro. Colin Terris Wyse, Past Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire, has been presented with a Diploma to mark his 60 years as a Mason.


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Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. Presented with 60 Year Diploma


60 Years & Still Going Strong (November 2008)

Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M.
Bro. Craig O'Connor R.W.M.

Brethren we are all aware of the main purpose of this special meeting of the lodge which is of course to present Past Master Bro. Colin Terris Wyse with his 60 year diploma and I thank you all for being here tonight to join Colin in celebrating this achievement.

This presentation was pencilled in to take place at the first regular meeting in November, but after some enquiries it became apparent to the General Committee that there would be a great number of brethren wishing to attend, such is the esteem in which Brother Colin is held. Brethren it certainly would have been a great injustice to Colin and a discredit to the lodge had this milestone, in what can only be described as an outstanding Masonic career, been marked otherwise.

I will endeavor to detail what I think has been important to Colin, but  will state it is not an easy task to condense such a long and distinguished Masonic career but I hope my research has captured some highlights and importantly the essence of the most dedicated freemason this Lodge knows.

Bro. Secretary, would you please read the minute dated 1st November 1948 on which occasion Mr. Colin Terris Wyse was presented as a candidate for Freemasonry and duly initiated into Lodge St Servanus No. 771.

The minute was read by Lodge Secretary Bro. Douglas Buck P.M.

Brethren, so began the journey for Brother Wyse, whose initial interest in the craft was encouraged by his late wife May's father who was a member of Lodge Wilsontown Ironworks St John No. 236 in Forth, Lanarkshire.

You were passed to the degree of Fellow Craft on the 22nd of November 1948 and raised to the high and sublime degree of a Master Mason on the 7th of February 1949.

Now it would be some five years before you took up office, your attendance somewhat hampered by night school three evenings per week and a three year spell in the Royal Air Force from 1951to 1954.

In 1953, at the installation of Bro. David Nicoll as Right Worshipful Master, you were installed as Junior Steward and entertained the brethren at the festive board with your accordion.

You steadily progressed through the offices at a time when the lodge was not particularly affluent although the petition book shows no shortage of candidates. During those early years you were involved in many renovation projects within the lodge, most notable of those being the creation of the first lounge bar adjacent to the Temple, which in now centenary room where the Masters of the lodge are installed.

In 1961, as Worshipful Junior Warden and along with Past Master Bro. Bob Wilson, you built the fire escape from the lodge room with scrap metal purchased for the sum of £12, saving the lodge considerable expense. It was this type of hard work and industry that built up the prosperity of the lodge and the fund raising skills learned then would be put to good use in the future

I was interested to note that you served both as Substitute Master then Depute Master before being installed as Right Worshipful Master. It was at that time that you received Honorary Membership of Lodge St John Carluke No. 187, a Lodge that I know is dear to you and I am happy to say that Lodge St Servanus continues to have a special friendship with the brethren of 187, many of whom are here this evening.

In 1965 you were installed into this chair by Past Masters Brothers James M. Bennett and John Pearson of Lodge St John Carluke No. 187.

I read with pleasure the minute book of the lodge containing the meetings during your term as RWM and it was no surprise to me that it was indeed an industrious one.

I can inform you and the brethren that you worked six First Degrees, five Second Degrees and five Third Degrees including conferring degrees in Lodge St John Carluke No. 187, Lodge Ben Cleuch No. 782 and Lodge Clackmannan No. 1303 and that seventeen gentlemen joined the craft and were initiated at your hand.

You also represented Lodge St Servanus at nine Annual Balls and the minutes are full of reports of visitations to Sister Lodges and Divine Services too numerous to mention as well as the many social functions here within Lodge St Servanus.

On a personal note I was delighted to come across my own family name in the records, my father having been one of your candidates.

During your year as Right Worshipful Master, after an absence of twenty one years, you re-introduced the Annual Burn's Supper to the calendar with Bro. Jim Fox of the Devon Burns Club helping with its organisation and for the first time, and at your request, a woman proposed the immortal memory; this I believe ruffled a few feathers - just like you Colin to put your own stamp on things.

Even summer months were busy for in the minutes you asked my grandfather Joe to run a car rally, to boost lodge funds. This took place on the 22nd of July and was followed by a social evening at a cost of 2/6d per head.

After your busy year as Right Worshipful Master you continued in much the same relentless fashion. In 1967 you installed the office bearers in Lodge Ben Cleuch 782,  Lodge Craiginnan 850, and also here in St Servanus, completing the Hillfoots Lodges, an achievement to my knowledge never equalled.

You also installed outside the province at Lodge Balgonie No. 764 in the Kingdom of Fife. Brethren, Colin has now been an installing Master on forty two occasions and in five different Provinces, these being Stirlingshire, Fife, Lanarkshire Upper Ward, Perthshire and East Lothian and Berwickshire, the most recent of these being at Lodge Loch Lomond on the 25th of October this year.

By now your dedication, with an established and growing reputation in the craft, had perhaps set you aside, particularly in the eyes of Past Master Bro. Bob Wilson who ordered you to stand for election in Provincial Grand Lodge. Needless to say you did.

Brethren I can tell you that in 1968 there were nine nominees for four vacant offices and the four successful brethren were:


Bro. Robert Hutchison

Provincial Grand Marshal

Bro. Colin Terris Wyse

Provincial Grand Standard Bearer

Bro. John McLeod Sneddon

Provincial Grand Inner Guard

Bro. Neil McKay Manson

President of Provincial Grand Stewards


and of course the first three of these brethren would go on to serve as Provincial Grand Master.

Into the 1970's which I am reliably informed was the boom time for freemasonry with many gentlemen joining the craft. It was at this time that the Past Masters Association was formed and you were among the founding members and have served as Secretary, Treasurer, President and now Honorary President.

Also in this decade both of your sons joined the Lodge. First was your eldest son Colin in 1972 followed six years later by Alan in 1978. On both occasions you were privileged in taking the chair for their respective initiations and would later have the great honour of installing Alan into the chair of King Solomon in 1986, which I’m sure ranks as one of your proudest moments in Freemasonry.

By that time you had progressed through all the various offices in Provincial Grand Lodge and had served in the highest elective office, that of Senior Provincial Grand Warden in 1980-81.

Shortly afterwards, in 1984, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Sandy Whitehead commissioned you as Substitute Provincial Grand Master.

This was followed by Bro. Whiteheads successor as R.W.P.G.M. Bro. Robert Hutchison commissioning you as Depute Provincial Grand Master from 1985-1990.

In February 1990 The Grand Lodge of Scotland ratified your own nomination to that high office and on the 12th of May 1990 you were duly installed as Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire in this very temple by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason Bro. Sir Gregor MacGregor of MacGregor, Bart.

It certainly could not have been planned better as the timing of your term as Provincial Grand Master must have been a dream come true and surely the crowning point of your career.

The first official duty carried out by yourself as Provincial Grand Master was to head a deputation of Provincial Grand Lodge Office-bearers into St Servanus for the Re-dedication Ceremony and Centenary celebrations of your Mother Lodge, a pleasing and wonderful coincidence.

During your five year commission as Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master I know you were also very proud to share in the celebrations  of other daughter lodges within the province, these being:



Lodge Strathendrick No. 780


Lodge Ben Cleuch No. 782


Lodge Polmont No. 793


Lodge Slammannan No. 484


Lodge Carron No. 139


Also in 1994 you had the honour of proposing the toast to Lodge St John Carluke No 187 at their Bi-centenary celebrations, indicating how well respected  you are by the brethren of Lodge St John that they should ask you to carry out that duty on such an important occasion.

Immediately after your installation you set to work forming various sub-committees the purpose of which was to raise funds for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire's 250th celebrations to be held in 1995. It was your stated intention that the celebrations were to be self-funded - no doubt you relished the challenge.

I must also mention that on the 26th November 1992 you replied to the toast to ‘The Provincial and District Grand Lodges’ at the Installation of The Grand Master Mason Bro. Lord Burton at the Festival of St Andrew in Edinburgh

In 1993 you were invited to sit on the Committee of Benevolence  in Grand Lodge.

As the 250th celebrations of Provincial Grand Lodge drew nearer you also took charge of gathering historical data with a view to publishing a brochure with our own Past Master Bro. Philip Maley being responsible for its publication.

Substitute  Provincial Grand Master Bro David Laing was in charge of the organising committee for the 250th Re-dedication and Dinner and in February 1995 you presided over the celebrations that were held here in Lodge St Servanus. I had not long joined the craft but I remember it being a great occasion and a very successful one for Provincial Grand Lodge, bringing a fitting end to your term as the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire.

Colin, it would be an understatement  to say you served the province with distinction and I’m sure that the reigning Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. John McKenzie is grateful for your unquestionable and continued support, in recognition of which he presented you with Distinguished  Service Diploma on the 5th of February last year.

As I mentioned earlier you have lost none of your enthusiasm and when you are involved it always seems to be on the big occasion. You chaired a Third Degree worked by the Past Masters to celebrate the millennium. You have had Honorary Membership  of 13 Lodges within the province bestowed upon you and last year you were invited by Lodge Bannockburn Bruce & Thistle No.312  to chair a first degree worked by Honorary Members of  ‘312’.

Colin, it would be easy to go on at great length but I would now like to hand over to your great friend Bro. John McKenzie, our Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, to share his thoughts and stories.

Colin, nothing now remains but to come onto the floor of the Lodge and on the level, accompanied by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, to present you with your Sixty Year Diploma.

Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. - 50 Year Presentation

Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. - 65 Year Presentation

Bro. Colin T. Wyse P.M. - Lodge Buchanan Killearn Installation





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