The History of Lodge St Servanus No. 771

The history of Lodge St Servanus No. 771 by Bro. Gordon N.S. Neave

Erection of the Masonic Lodge


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Erection of the Masonic Lodge

After nine meetings between September 24 1889 and the 31st of March 1890 of a planning and organisational nature, certain brethren, most of whom had Masonic ties with Alloa St. John's Lodge No. 69 and Ancient Stirling No. 30 had their dream realised on Saturday 5th April 1890 when they received a Charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland naming the formation of Lodge St. Servanus No. 771.

The inauguration took place in the Lodge room Alva (Mr. Perry confectioners) and was attended by about fifty brethren. Brother George Christie, Depute Grand Master of the Province, in the absence of the Provincial Grand Master Brother Michael Stewart M.P., presided; he was accompanied by a large deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge and there were also several past and present Masters from different Lodges in the Province.

The proceedings began with praise and prayer and the delivering of an oration by the Provincial Grand Chaplain, the Reverend W.E. Hall of Bridge of Allan. He took as his theme the relationship that exists between Freemasonry as it is practised amongst masons and the system of religion which prevails today (and we must remember of course, that one hundred years ago the Church governed and ruled the lives of ordinary folk to a much greater degree than exists today).

In his lengthy address the Reverend Hall drew attention to morality, brotherly love, and the unerring standards of truth and justice contained in the Volume of the Sacred Law and the need to regulate our actions and standards accordingly. One could interpret his address on Freemasonry being complementary to an orthodox religious faith and not being in competition.

He highlighted too, the fact that no religious differences nor political rancour find a place in a Mason's Lodge to hinder or mar the workings of its moral training. His quotations relative to brotherly love were particularly apt; "He that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?"; "He that loveth not his brother abideth in death" and from the words of the immortal poet "To thine own self be true and it follows as the day and night thou canst not then be false to any man".

In conclusion Brother Hall addressed the new office bearers of Lodge St. Servanus thus "May you who are the original founders of Lodge St. Servanus and all your successors hereafter in office look up for and find the blessing of the Great Architect of the Universe on all your undertak­ings".

He further suggested that wisdom, strength and love was available in plenty for those who gave of themselves, with honest endeavour, ap­propriate humility, and a just regard for one's fellow man. He ended in the hope that one's work and efforts in Freemasonry could be such that when called above we would be as living stones in that Eternal Temple where the Great Architect himself lives and reigns forever.

The Provincial Secretary, Bro. J. Brown, having read the Charter from the Grand Lodge thereafter presented the Office Bearers of Alva St. Servanus No. 771 to the Provincial Grand Depute Master as follows:

T. Donaldson
Alexander Baigrie
William Reid
David R. Young
George Muir
James W. Henderson
James W. Dickie
James Hunter
John M. Walker
James Campbell
John Murdoch

Proclamation of the Lodge took place as did the Installation of Office Bearers in their respective offices with the appropriate jewels of office being invested simultaneously. Suitable words of encouragement from the Grand Depute Master to all present ended the formal proceedings.

A cake and wine banquet followed with the rest of the evening spent in "story and song". The first organised harmony?


The First Twenty Years


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